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Thank you to all of the Women Build 2020 sponsors, donors and volunteers! Your support has made Koresa’s dram of homeownership come true. Ready for the next one? Sign up to be the first to hear about Women Build 2021. 

Meet the Women Build Family

Koresa is a confident mom, businesswoman and overcomer who has worked hard for her achievements. After moving around a lot as a child, Koresa knew she wanted more for her family. She worked to put herself through undergraduate school and earned a bachelor’s degree in business. Upon quickly learning the difficulties of getting a job on her degree alone, Koresa then decided to enroll in cosmetology school.

While attending classes, Koresa had her two sons, Brandon and Bryce. Following her graduation in 2012, she began her career as a cosmetologist and eventually hired an assistant to help, which led her to the opportunity to open her own salon.

Despite her successful cosmetology career, Koresa has been unable to obtain an affordable mortgage in a safe area of town. She currently lives in a two-bedroom rental with her two sons, now 8 and 10, and her mother. Unfortunately, stories like Koresa’s are not uncommon. Home values have steadily increased while wages have remained stagnant, which makes it challenging for hardworking single parents like Koresa to afford a traditional mortgage.

With the support of Knoxville Habitat, Women Build sponsors, fundraising volunteers and other gracious donors, Koresa and her family will achieve the strength and stability that only comes with affordable homeownership.