The Bipartisan Build

Building Homes, Bridges, and Hope

Where Politics Builds Rather Than Divides

In a time where differences often divide, Knoxville Habitat for Humanity is championing unity and collaboration through the power of community and construction.

This summer, join us for an unprecedented event – The Bipartisan Build – where political lines blur in favor of hammers, nails, and mutual respect.

Why Bipartisan Build:

Knoxville/Knox County housing prices have soared, placing the American Dream of homeownership beyond reach for many. Concurrently, political partisanship deepens divisions, challenging the very notion of community.

The Bipartisan Build, inspired by legendary leaders County Executive Dwight Kessel and Commissioner Tank Strickland, demonstrates that bipartisanship can thrive, manifesting not only in policy but in real-world action that benefits local families.

What We Aim to Achieve:

Provide a Home: A safe, decent, and affordable habitat for a local family.

Honor Leadership: Celebrating the legacy of bipartisan collaboration exemplified by Dwight Kessel and Tank Strickland.

Showcase Unity: Proving that collective action can transcend political divides.


Impact of Homeownership:

Statistics reveal a brighter future for Habitat homeowners: improved family relations, educational achievements, financial stability, and health benefits, proving that a home is more than just shelter​​.

How to Help:

Volunteer: Join us in building more than just houses – help build a community where everyone has a place to call home.

Donate: Your support provides not just materials, but hope and opportunity for families in need.

Spread the Word: Share your experience, advocate for affordable housing, and inspire others to take action.


Bill and Crissy Haslam

The Kessel Family

The Strickland Family