every team build
creates the opportunity for a better life.

Knoxville Habitat for Humanity’s team building opportunities provide dynamic, fun and meaningful construction experiences for corporate partners and civic or church groups. In turn, your financial contribution gives local families the opportunity for a better life.

Why Team Build?

Building with Knoxville Habitat is an excellent way to achieve your team building goals! Volunteer together and help families in our community. Team Building will challenge volunteers to communicate and work together to achieve a tangible outcome allowing them to feel more motivated, connected and inspired.

We provide all the tools, materials and training – you just provide a tax-deductible donation and the helping hands!

Ready to start building?

Fill out our Team Building Request Form and a Knoxville Habitat staff member will contact you with build options, based on your preferences. We will work with your group to find a team building event that fits your budget and schedule. 

Playhouse Build

Let us bring the build to you! Each playhouse takes a half-day to build and paint with the help of volunteers from your organization. Each playhouse is pre-cut and brought to your parking lot or event site so that your team can construct and decorate!

Each Playhouse – $2,500 | 7-12 Volunteers

Several playhouses can be built at once to engage more volunteers!

An experienced Playhouse Leader will be onsite to assist your group throughout the process. Volunteers will assemble the sides, door, window and trim, and shingle the roof. They will then paint and decorate the completed structure, which will be donated to a local family or may be auctioned off by the sponsor to benefit Knoxville Habitat.

Team Habitat

Shed Build – $2,500 | 5-7 Volunteers

Your team will work together to build a backyard storage shed for your partner family. Shed builds take place on Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Construction Team Build – $2,500 | Up to 10 volunteers

Your team will work together to prepare the build site for the upcoming Saturday’s work. Activities include one or more of the following: felting the roof, preparing roof shingles and interior walls and installing windows and cabinet blocking. These team builds occur on predetermined Tuesdays, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm .

Adopt-A-Build Day – $2,500 – $10,000  | 10 – 30 volunteers

Help a Knoxville Habitat family partner build their home! Volunteer opportunities vary according to the work day and include building exterior walls, interior walls, roofing, vinyl siding and trim and cabinets. This customizable team build opportunity most often occurs on Saturdays, with weekday availability if needed.

Sponsor Benefits

Website: Company name and logo displayed on Knoxville Habitat event page
Social Media: Sponsor recognition on Knoxville Habitat social media
Media Relations: Company listed as sponsor on press release to local media
Reporting: Company in annual Knoxville Habitat Gratitude Report
Invitation: Invitation for two (2) guests to the Knoxville Habitat annual Holiday Breakfast

Ready to get started?

Fill out our Team Building Request Form and a Knoxville Habitat staff member will contact you with build options, based on your preferences. We will work with your group to find a team building event that fits your budget and schedule. 

Why do we ask for a financial donation?

Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation to cover the cost of materials and supervision for your builds. More importantly, this support allows us to continue to provide affordable housing opportunities for families with limited incomes and continue building homes, communities and hope. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a team build with Knoxville Habitat?

Fill out our Team Building Request Form.

A Knoxville Habitat staff member will reach out to you with building options, based on your preferences and availability. We will send you a donation form and instructions for the day. Your volunteers will be able to register online prior to the team building date. 

What can our team expect on a build day?

Whether your team is building homes, sheds or playhouses, you can expect a rewarding experience. Your team will have the opportunity to build strong relationships while engaging in meaningful work for those in your community. We will provide all the tools, materials, and skilled staff you’ll need to get the job done!

What kinds of groups can participate in team building activities?

Groups of any kind can participate in Team Build days: corporate groups, faith congregations, civic clubs, schools, groups of friends, and the list goes on!

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate and 18 to use power tools and work on ladders.

Is team building the same as volunteering?

Knoxville Habitat welcomes all volunteers throughout the year. For groups of 5 or more, we offer a unique team build experience with customized scheduling for your group. Other volunteer opportunities are announced on an as needed basis.

How much do we donate to host a team build activity?

Minimum donations vary by group size and preferred team-building activity. 

Shed Build 5-7 Volunteers $2,500
Construction Team Build Up to 10 Volunteers $2,500
Adopt-A-Build Day 10-30 Volunteers $2,500 – $10,000 *based on number of volunteers
Playhouse Build 7-12 Volunteers $2,500