Knoxville Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic place to work. Our employees are a close-knit group who are dedicated to the Habitat mission. We encourage you to apply for any open positions listed on this page by either submitting a cover letter and resume (if indicated below) or by filling out our secure online employment application (unless noted otherwise).

As a Veterans Build Affiliate, we’re committed to seeking more volunteer engagement from veteran groups as well as recruiting veterans for employment, internships and other service opportunities. 



Current Openings:

Appalachia CARES | AmeriCorps Construction Member
$14,279 annually with a financial award of $6,195 toward college expenses.



REPORTS TO:               HOUSE LEADERS and is overseen by the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER


JOB SUMMARY:          The AmeriCorps team member is support staff for the Construction Department.  Their primary roles are to assist in all aspects of the building process; to help manage all the materials and supplies needed around the job-site; to become proficient in several leadership positions during the course of the year; and to acquire some marketable skills that could be used in the construction field upon completion of program. Stipend of $14,279 per year along with financial award of $5,920 towards college expenses.


RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES of the AmeriCorps member include, but are not limited to, the following:




  1. Has a significant role in maintaining an energetic, enthusiastic, engaged, and safe work site. Works with Crew Leaders to manage specific components of the days build, and also helps to train individual volunteers.  Attempts to learn all the requirements for one leadership position per quarter, with the goal of becoming a skilled Crew Leader in at least 3 separate areas.
  2. Is very involved in maintaining safety on the job-site. Remains current in First Aid training, so that care can be administered directly.  Assists the House Leader by taking any injured individuals to a care facility, if their injury is too severe to be handled on-site.
  3. Is largely responsible for keeping the job-site orderly while work is going on, and then organized-and-protected by the end of each workday; secures materials and equipment; and is actively involved in keeping our costs down, by returning excess materials to supplier, and eliminating waste whenever possible.
  4. Takes a lead role in ensuring that all “green initiatives” are followed through on, so that the best quality product can be delivered to the homeowner. Fully supports our recycling program, and reduces hauling to landfills.
  5. Assists the House Leaders and Warehouse Manager in ensuring that all materials, supplies, and tools are on the job site in advance of need. Helps the House Leader load the POD on the Wednesday 10 days before a BLITZ; removes all un-needed items at the completion of each days build; and is physically engaged on all other Wednesdays to bring out all needed supplies and equipment for the upcoming Saturday builds.
  6. Provides periodic safety checks of all tools, and requests repair or replacement as needed.
  7. In the absence of senior staff, will inspect and sign for delivery of all materials to the job-site, and notes any damaged items or discrepancies. Forwards delivery receipts to the Warehouse/Purchasing Manager in a timely manner.
  8. Returns all tools and equipment to their proper place (on the job-site, work trucks, and warehouse). Are also responsible for keeping the exterior of the “AmeriCorps truck” clean each week, and for doing a thorough cleaning of the interior at least once a month.
  9. Uses approved credit accounts to pick up incidental materials, as directed by any senior staff. Turns in receipts in a timely fashion to Warehouse/Purchasing Manager.






  1. Provides high-quality, safe, enjoyable, and productive work experience for volunteers and homeowners, engaging them with energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Provides tools, equipment, supplies and safety equipment for volunteers including: sign-in sheets, first aid kit, eye & ear protection, drinking water, heaters or fans, and other supplies as needed.
  3. Assists in identifying potential volunteers to become Crew Leaders, and encourages and supports existing Crew Leaders.




  1. Attends weekly department staff meeting.
  2. Attends other affiliate meetings and activities, including conferences, as required.
  3. Attends all required training sessions, and works hard to acquire as much information and learning about as many elements about Habitat, AmeriCorps, and related construction techniques as possible.
  4. Drives and maintains Knoxville Habitat for Humanity work van or truck in a safe and prudent manner, and submits fuel receipts to the Finance Director in a timely manner.
  5. Adheres to the established “winter and summer hours” for all Construction employees.
  6. Follows program and service guidelines of Appalachia Cares
  7. Fulfills project guidelines as outlined by Appalachia Cares