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Empowered women build inspiration. Empowered women leave legacies. Empowered women empower women.

Let’s come together to empower two (yes, TWO!) inspirational women by helping them build their homes! 

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Builds will begin this summer (schedules to come). CLICK HERE to make your gift today and encourage others to join you!


Would you like your business or organization like to participate? Contact Brittany at 865.386.8097 or bheater-dies@khfh.com.

Meet Diane!

Diane is an inspirational woman who embodies strength and love. While going through medical challenges that would require three different brain surgeries, she opened both her home and her heart to her aging mother, who needed care, and her son’s best friend after he recently lost his own mother and needed a place to live.

In both her home and her workplace, Diane lives her life pouring out love and compassion to others. She is currently working third shift as an LPN, taking care of those with intellectual disabilities. Working with developmentally-delayed patients during the pandemic posed unique challenges, but Diane maintained her strength and kind demeanor… Read More.

Meet Temeka!

Temeka is a model tenant and pays her rent on-time each month for the one-bedroom duplex. She lives in one of the few rental properties that she could comfortably afford in the Knoxville area. But despite her exceptional payment history and full-time job, she lives in conditions that are far less than safe.

Her last rental had leaks and flooded when it rained, which lead to constant issues with mold and mildew. There were exposed wires throughout her home. Her landlord cut the ceiling open to repair some of these issues, but he never finished or repaired the ceiling. When she tried to get the repairs made through the proper legal channels, her building was condemned, and she lost her housing…Read More.