With startup funds from Trinity Health Foundation, Knoxville Habitat for Humanity launched Habitat for Heroes in 2015 to help veterans and veteran families in immediate need of housing achieve homeownership.

In 2017, Knoxville Habitat became an official Veterans Build Affiliate with Habitat for Humanity International. Through this affiliation, Knoxville Habitat became part of a national effort to not only provide affordable and decent homes for men and women who have served, but also join a larger voice advocating for the needs of our veterans and their families.

As a Veterans Build Affiliate, we’re committed to seeking more volunteer engagement from veteran groups as well as recruiting veterans for employment, internships and other service opportunities.

Veterans can apply to Habitat for Heroes at any time. To apply, reach out directly to Jamila Williams, Family Selection Coordinator at jwilliams@khfh.com or (865) 523-3539 ext. 110 OR Rick Garner, Head of Veteran Services, at rgarner@khfh.com or (865) 523-3539 ext 111.


Special Thanks: Lowe’s Home Improvement supports all Knoxville Habitat for Humanity homeowners that have served in the U.S. military by providing American flag kits to display on their homes.