Ruth’s remarkable story is centered around her love for others. As a single mom of three teenagers – Nicholas (14), Diamond (16) and Boston (18) – she puts her children above everything else.

As a family, they enjoy visiting parks and fishing. Ruth and Diamond enjoy singing together, a hobby that started when Ruth would sing in church choirs as a child. Boston inspired his family to start working out and getting fit as he prepared to join the Marines after graduating high school.

Unfortunately, Boston was diagnosed with epilepsy and was unable to enlist. After finding out that his dream of entering the military was not a possibility, he made the best of his situation and will now be attending a local community college to study Psychology. Boston’s positivity in the face of adversity stems from his mother’s own willingness to “keep pushing,” no matter what life throws at you.

Ruth is currently coping with diabetes and all other illnesses that can sometimes accompany it, such as thyroid issues and Crohn’s disease. Ruth also fights challenges that can come with a blood clot that is attached to her brain stem, including seizures and strokes. This can make work and travel difficult for Ruth.

Despite her health issues, Ruth works hard and loves her longtime job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local nursing home. Often questioning why God would put her through such trials, she ultimately realized that He was training her to be a caregiver to others. After 18 years in her current position, Ruth has gained invaluable “family, wisdom and advice” from the elderly clients in her care. She loves going to work every day and “doing something useful.”

After experiencing numerous issues over the years as renters, Ruth and her family are so thankful for the opportunity to own their own home. Their first apartment was in a dangerous part of town. After hearing multiple gun shots and worrying for her children’s safety, Ruth decided it was time to move to a safer area. This meant that the rent in her new apartment was more expensive, but she made it work.

In her current apartment complex, she has lived in three different apartments… experiencing troubles at each. She was moved from her first apartment after her ceiling collapsed. Her and her family were forced to move again when their second apartment caught on fire. Now on their third apartment, they are constantly experiencing issues with mold and unsafe living conditions. As always, she does not let these challenges discourage her. She is staying positive for her family and looking forward to her future home.

Owning a home “has always been a dream” to Ruth. She is so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity to make her dream a reality. She looks forward to gardening and spending more time with her children.

God bless all the people that are willing to help and work with us. -Ruth